Kim & Stuart flew all the way from Australia to get married near the mountains, so I figured it would be fun to do a Quarry Lake engagement session. Surrounded by the beautiful mountains, I knew Canmore would be the perfect location for their engagement session. I was fortunate to live in Brisbane when I was younger. It was so fun getting to chat with these two Auzzies and reminisce. It is such a beautiful country and I can’t wait to go back some day! I really am jealous of how warm they must be in Australia right now!

Stuart grew up in Edmonton and Kim in Australia, but they met over a mutual love of playing tennis. We met a few days before their wedding to grab some shots in the mountains, and enjoyed walking all around Quarry Lake. It is just a short drive from Calgary and has so many options for photos. When you fly across the world for your wedding you, it is a  must to get amazing mountain scenery in the background. I was worried that the fog would block the view, but the mountains managed to pop out once and awhile. I loved listening to Kim’s accent as we wandered! What is it about foreign accents that are so great?!

I had a great time with Kim & Stuart for their Quarry Lake engagement session and also had a fabulous time at their Lynx Ridge wedding too (watch for that one to pop up on the blog soon too!). Thanks for meeting up with me! I loved getting to hear about all the adventure you two have had together. All the best to you two overseas, and thanks for the fun day!

Here are a few of my favourites!2016-11-29_0002