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I’m a full time adventure wedding + elopement photographer in Calgary, AB. Luckily for me that is nicely nestled beside the gorgeous Rocky Mountains, where I spend a lot of my time. I love traveling and first picked up a camera 12 years ago while adventuring around South Africa. I am always in search of a new adventure, with my camera gear close at hand. I love being in the great outdoors, and really enjoy photographing people in nature.

Choosing a wedding photographer is a big decision! My true passion is capturing spontaneous and adventurous couples in wild places. I believe your wedding images should be as unique as you are, and portray an honest story of you as a couple on your wedding day. I hate stiff awkward poses, because honestly, neither you nor I would enjoy that. I’m for the adventurous souls, the wanderers, the quirky. People who aren’t afraid to get their clothes a bit dirty or do a little hiking to get an epic shot.

Let’s create something beautiful together.

Shoot me an email (info@laurabarclay.ca) to set up an adventure!